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La playlist:Durée 2h02mn. MORTHEM VLADE ART "Down In The City" PRESS GANG METROPOL "A Monument Of Resistance" SÔMBRE "We Will Coalesce" NEW ORDER "In a Lonely Place" NEW ORDER "Doubts Even Here"(Instrumental Cargo Demo) MOTORAMA "Voice From The Choir" THE DRUMS "Let's Go Surfing" CAMILLA SPARKSSS "Sharing" VICTORIA LUKAS & JAUZAS THE SHINING "More" NABTA "Dance And Fight" BOY HARSHER "Tears" MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER "1000 Dreams" (Reprise) MY MINE "Hypnotic Tango" (Instrumental) MATTEO VERONI "Cristalli liquidi" (Original Mix) PROFIT PRISON "Epilog" SYDNEY VALETTE "Anarchy In The UK" (Cover SEX PISTOLS) LIVING TEMPLES "Like A Month To A Flame" ALL YOUR SISTERS "The Deceiver" VEIL OF LIGHT "You Done Me Wrong" THE HORRORIST "Programmed" OHOTA "Dancing In Dachau" BLIND DELON "Rule V"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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