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La Playlist:Durée 2h05mn. GEORGES DELERUE And THE VANCOUVER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA "Adagio For Strings" GENIUSER "Can I Can" NINE INCH NAILS "Something I Can Never" ATONALIST Feat.GAVIN FRIDAY "The Road To Perdition" THEN CAME THE RAIN "If What You See Is Eyesore" THE OPPOSITION "Slipping In The Water" SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "Paradise" THE DAMNED "Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow" PINK TURNS BLUE "Something Deep Inside" TANIT "Soft Pictures" SECOND STILL "Ashes" LES PANTIES "Velvet" CANDELABRE "Carrion Saison" SCHONWALD "Love Collides" MISFORTUNES "Haunted" THIS IS THE BRIDGE "Procession" WAITING FOR WORDS "Great New World" THE ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRE IN THE DARK "Isotype" EL GONZO "Re-Reverse" (Original Mix) MATTEO VERONI "On The Beach" GREG FILTER "Follow" (Original Mix" BORGIE "Soyuz 21"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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