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La Playlist:Durée 2h09mn. BLACK EGG "Derrière Les Forêts" DEMIAN CLAV "Voices" THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS "Cubic Caesar" ART DECADE "Cloudy Sunday" SEVENTEEN AT THIS TIME "Closure" LOVE IN PRAGUE "White Light" LITTLE NEMO "Running To The Sun" BRACHKO "The Man With The Hammer" MÉMOIRE D'AUTOMNE "Time Of The End" THIS GREY CITY "When I Was Alive" ECHOING DRIFTERS "You Are The Shadow" ELECTRIC PRESS KIT "Rape Of The Vampire" AGENT SIDE GRINDER "Void (The Winning Hard)" ORGANIC "Rip Me" EGOPRISME "Call Of Duty" THE PRESENT MOMENT "General Relief" ELECTROSEXUAL "P-Machinery" ADAN & ILSE "Sin Of Sin" (ADAN Version) ZARKOFF "Someone Somewhere In Summertime" MORTHEM VLADE ART "Far Away From Me" THE CURE "A Forest" (Live 1992)

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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