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La Playlist:Durée 2h00 IKE YARD "Wolfen" DISCO INFERNO "Lost In Fog" o13 "Summer Of The Dragonfly" THE STRANGE FORCES "Shizer In The Shadows" THE ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN "Turquoise Days" I DO NOT LOVE "Should" IN DEATH IT ENDS "Forgotten Knowledge" O CHILDREN "Ruins" SHE PAST AWAY "Bozbulanik" THE FROZEN AUTUMN "This Time" (Electro Mix) CLAN OF XYMOX "Stranger" (Remix) LINEA ASPERA "Preservation Bias" NINE CIRCLES "What's There Left" GOLD ZEBRA "Useless Night Pt.1" BLOUSE "Time Travel" MUSHY "All Is Found,All Is Lost" (Instrumental) MAKINA GIRGIR "Untitled" BRUSQUE TWINS "A Voice In The Night" XENO & OAKLANDER "Desert Rose" DEUX "Sex & Trouble" A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR "Takes One To Know One" ADÀN,ILSE & PETER "By The Way" PSYCHE "Brain Collapses" (Revisited) MENTAL DISCIPLINES "Fallen Stars" (Remix By !DISTAIN)

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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