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La Playlist:Durée 2h04mn. FOLLOW ME NOT "Tricky Way" ANCIEN RÉGIME "Heisenger" THE DANSE SOCIETY "We'Re So Happy" DEATHDAY "After Dark" THE SOFT MOON "Lost Years" SHE PAST AWAY "Ruh" MORTHEM VLADE ART "Dancing Without Learning" THE HUMAN LEAGUE "The World Before Last" ADÀN,ILSE & PETER "Swallow You All" BONJOUR TRISTESSE "I'm Surry" DETACHMENTS "I Don't Want To Play" HNN "Life X-Press" NO KISSES "Film 3 - Not My Cup Of Tea" MELODIK PINPON "Au Soir Sortent Les Chats" SPETTRO FAMILY "Tregenda (Black Horizons)" USHERsan & HIV+ "Nation Is Murder" NEWCLEAR WAVES "The Black Hand" ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL "Figures" THE HORRORIST "The Man Master" FRUSTRATION "Dying City" KATZ KAB "Interlude"/"Lithopedion Boy" SOFT CELL "Sex Dwarf" MISS KITTIN AND THE HACKER "Party In My Head" SOFT METALS "Voices"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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