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La Playlist:Durée 2h05mn. INFECTICIDE "Fais-Le Moi-Le" MAMAN KÜSTERS "Querelle Aquatique" ESSAIE PAS "Le Port Du Masque Est De Rigueur" GRAND BLANC "Petites Frappes" SECTION 25 "Inspiration" LUST FOR YOUTH "Better Looking Brother" NEW ORDER "Singularity" BOOTBLACKS "Sub" ASWEFALL "Which Side Of Me" THE RAUDIVE "Torch Song" EGOPRISME "A Great Theather" THE PRESENT MOMENT "Love Of Money" AGENT SIDE GRINDER "New Dance" PURE GROUND "Tides" QUAL "Sable" SELOFAN "You Should Learn How To Leave" SHE PAST AWAY "Uçtu Belirsilige" THE SISTERS OF MERCY "Lucretia My Reflection" BLACK EGG "We Shall Win" MARC MINELLI "Sarah" THE APARTMENTS "The House That We Once Lived In" AND ALSO THE TREES "The Skeins Of Love" DEMIAN CLAV "White Mirror" ART DECADE "NovÖ LÜxo"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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