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La Playlist:Durée 2h05mn. PROJECT:KOMAKINO "Age Of Satisfaction" (MOTRAMA Remix) TABLOÏB "Never Change (Part.1)"/"Never Change" BANTAM LYONS "Something Familiar" THE SMITHS "The Queen Is Dead" AEON SABLE "Algorith Of None (Dying Motion)" THE MISSION "Island In A Stream" BLEIB MODERN "I Don't Like You" SOROR DOLOROSA "Silver Square" CORPUS DELICTI "Poisonned Dead Flowers" TISIPHONE "Where Are You" LES MODULES ETRANGES "Such Distance" SAIGON BLUE RAIN "Corps Astral" WINTER SEVERITY INDEX "No Will" LES PANTIES "Hazy Days" HAUSFRAU "Night Tides" WENDY BEVAN "Romance" (Cover NORMA LOY) X MAL DEUTSCHLAND "Sickle Moon" SELOFAN "The Wheels Of Love" ADAN & ILSE "Blind" THIS GREY CITY "The Lovers" FLUE "Frigded" ICESUN "Leave" FOLLOW ME NOT "My Heart" LOVE IN PRAGUE "Lost" SEASURFER "Stay"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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