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COME-BACK 80'S - (À Rémy Talec)

COME-BACK 80'S - (À Rémy Talec)

La Playlist:Durée 2h05mn. DEINE LAKAIEN "Bells Of Anotherland" IN THE NURSERY "The outsider" EYELESS IN GAZA "Light Sliding" REMA-REMA "Coxoscillation Blues Intro"/"Feedback Song" (Dubbed) IN CAMERA "Fatal Day" THE VIRGIN PRUNES "Come To Daddy" DÉCADES "L'hiver" MESSAGE "Derniére Nuit" OPÉRA DE NUIT "L'appel Du Froid" MECANIC MODEL "Les Roses Noires" FOREIGN AFFAIR "Sandanya" MINIMAL COMPACT "Next One Is Real" (Extended Remix) THE B-52'S "Planet Clair" PHILLIP BOA & THE VOODOO CLUB "Fine Art In Silver" WALL OF VOODOO "Lost Weekend" FISCHER-Z "So Long" XTC "Jason And The Astronauts" THE CARS "Tonight She Comes"

Darkness ou Come-back 80’s


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